Poorsah wants full payment for work
Local Vibes
May 14, 2004

Poorsah wants full payment for work

Popular calyPsonian Cornelius “Poorsah” Williams is an upset man these days. His discomfort comes from difficulties he is experiencing collecting some $4,100 owed to him as payment for laying down tiles at the Fitz Hughes Learning Resource Centre. {{more}}
Poorsah told Searchlight that the problem seems compounded by the existence of another government worker who happens also to be named Cornelius Williams.
Indications are that the other Cornelius Williams received Poorsah’s money, in addition to his allocated payments. When the discrepancy was traced, half of the $4,100 was recovered. Poorsah claims that officials in the Finance Department want him to accept the amount recovered, but after over two months of negotiations, the matter is far from settled.
“I getting real upset,” Poorsah told Searchlight.
Meanwhile as the matter drags on Poorsah is still short of his money.