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June 26, 2009
Kitchen Appliances

Appliances pull your kitchen together. They are so effective in doing so that companies make them in all different styles and models simply because of the wide range of kitchens being built.{{more}}

It is therefore a huge task (if you are really concerned about how the appliances fit into the kitchen) when shopping for appliances; there are so many of them out there that it is overwhelming sometimes to even start. You have to think about style, features, sizes and colours. Let’s break it down for you to make your life easier.

We are going to deal with some of the major appliances that almost every kitchen needs.


Refrigerators come in three kinds: Side by Side models, Bottom Freezer models and Top Mount or Top Freezer models. They also come in 3 major colours: black, white, stainless steel. Bisque colour isn’t so popular and they have just begun to experiment with many different colour types including brush nickles.

Choosing a refrigerator type should depend on:

The size of your family and the type of cooking that you do.

Your budget: top mounted freezers are typically cheaper than bottom mounted refrigerators, assuming all things remain constant. A black/white refrigerator is cheaper than a stainless steel one.

Finally, the available kitchen space. The smaller the space, the smaller the refrigerator you need, again this is assuming that all other things remains constant. The more features you add on to your refrigerator, the bigger your refrigerator is going to be and it is going to cost you more. Bear all of this in mind when choosing a refrigerator.

We will discuss more appliances next week.

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