Kitchen Talk
May 8, 2009
Acid test when choosing a Kitchen Contractor

Last week we discussed the importance of the contractor’s location in relation to your home and his or her credentials. We also advised that you conduct an interview with the contractor.{{more}}

This week we look at three other factors which need to be considered: policies, pre-design and testimonies.

1. POLICIES: Find out the company policies. Get them in writing, know what their requirements are. Remember when going through this process, you already know exactly what you want. So if company policy prohibits them from giving you the service you require, then you move on. Also make sure that there is a written agreement between you and the company you hire to get the job done, so that there are no unforseen/unpleasent surprises. “Get it in writing”.

2. PRE-DESIGN: Some companies/contractors do not do a pre-drawing. They just listen to you and try to build what you say you want in the space that you have. STOP! Get a pre-design of the space, know what you are paying for beforehand. If that company works like that, then you are setting yourself up for problems. Some companies do not give you the drawings to take home before you either pay a retainer fee (which basically says that you would be working with that company and the fee will be deducted once a contract is signed), and others just simply show you and give it to you only after a contract has been signed. Others just give it to you freely. What ever you do, get a pre-design.

You also need to find a designer or contractor who is on the same wave length as you; one who listens to you, one who shares your vision or clearly understands what you want for the space.

Rayan James of Exclusive Kitchens says “Our customers have a lot to do with the design stage, they get to see it, adjust it almost in real time, match colours, counter tops and almost see the end product transform right in front of their eyes. It’s one of the things that make us so succesful.”


Try to see some of the work that has been done by the contractor. Talk with the clients about the working relationship etc. If every thing checks out, after you’ve taken everything we’ve spoken about into consideration, your gut would point you in the right direction. So feel free to go ahead and sign on that dotted line and good luck on your project!

Angelica and Rayan James

Exclusive Kitchens

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