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December 5, 2008
Elements of a contemporary Kitchen

TODAY’S CONTEMPORARY KITCHEN is a favorite among serious, average or even the amateur cooks and it’s no wonder with an ingenious, well layed out open floor plan and stainless steel appliances, today’s kitchen serves as both functional and fun. A contemporary kitchen has un-cluttered work spaces often in solid surfaces and sleek lines.{{more}}

Today’s best design contemporary kitchens are inviting and warm, and this look can be achieved with a few basic principles. Perhaps the most important aspect is an open floor plan so that the kitchen is a natural extension of the living space. More and more people are combining the kitchen area with the rest of the home so that they can multitask. Although that may mean removing a wall, the reward often times would be great. What was once a confined area just for cooking is transformed into a multifunction gathering place. Wood flooring, like green heart, ash, pine, or any hard lumber you can get out of Guyana or Trinidad lends itself to a modern kitchen feel. With stainless steel appliances, the cook can feel like a professional chef. Built in appliances is an element of modern design which often enhances a clean and un-cluttered look. The cook top and range hood are perfect examples of elements of a contemporary look.

For cabinetry, instead of anything too dark, decorative or distracting, keep it simple with wood doors, stream line handles, hidden/concealed hinges, and clean lines. It’s actually inside the cabinets where the contemporary kitchen can steal the spot light. Modern cabinetry takes storage to a whole new level, with features like roll out shelves, clever uses of corner space, smart organizing accessories and pantries that are designed with convenience in mind.

Bring light to a contemporary kitchen with lighting systems such as pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, recessed and track lighting. For those who like to have their spaces personalized, you can consider incorporating glass tiles to your back splash and decorative wall painting, but always remember not to go overboard, especially when you are going for that contemporary look and feel. Finish off your kitchen with the “rich look” of a wine cooler, or maybe a top notch coffee maker. With all these basic contemporary design principles, which include an open floor plan and clean lines, you would have plenty of room for fun, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the contemporary kitchen becomes the most popular room in the house, and you would no longer have to beg the kids to help out with the cooking or even the dishes.

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