Kitchen Talk
October 24, 2008
Tips for Christmas renovations

It’s Christmas again. Yeah, you better believe it. It’s amazing how time flies. It seems as if it was yesterday that we were singing christmas carols. This coming season, we just want to give you a few tips on how to get your new kitchen or how to get your old one organized.{{more}}

If you are yet to build your kitchen for Christmas, here are a few things you should have been doing since last month. You should have been planning your space, working with your electrician and your kitchen designer. You should have by now an idea of exactly how your kitchen is going to look. You should know where all of your applilances are going and making sure that you have the correct electrical outlets in its place to power up these appliances. Try not to put any outlets in unnecessary and dangerous places such as aound the sink area. Try to avoid putting an outlet just above your kitchen counter to power the microwave that is built into the cabinets overhead, that leaves a lot of saging wires hanging down over the work area of the counters.

If you are doing a remodel, here are some things you want to take note of: you want to make sure that your new kitchen is modern, and by that I mean better than the one you have. This sounds like an obvious reason but new cabinets do not mean modern. New cabinets are only that… NEW, but modern kitchens have a lot more going on than new cabinets, they have proper functional spaces, effective lighting, are multifunctional and adaptable. That would ensure that you are making good use of your renovation. Be mindful of the fact that once you are doing renovations, you WILL incure some inconvieniences especially if you are having your kitchen built on site, and if it is being brought in, you MUST expect some inconviences during those one or two days of installation. Just make sure you start early so you don’t have anyone in your house on Christmas day installing your kitchen. What a Christmas that would be!

Talk next week.

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