Kitchen Talk
September 19, 2008
Kitchen appliances available online

This week before we begin our article we just want to stop for a while and extend some comfort for one of our clients at Brighton who unfortunately lost their home this week due an alleged electrical fire. We thank God that no one was hurt in the event and we just want to say to the family that we would continue to pray for them in their time of loss.

Shopping on line.

We were not writing for a while because we took on a very, very huge project where we wanted to make it possible and easy for you to shop online right there on our website. It is no news now, but for the very first time in this country, buying appliances has never been easier.{{more}} You can go to our website and use your regular ATM debit card, or your credit card, and if you don’t have either then you can simply do a wire transfer or a bank deposit right here in St. Vincent and shop right off our website. Also for the first time you do not even need a US post box to make a purchase so that your goods can be delivered to you.

All you need to do at check out is to put in your home address and correct name and telephone number as if you were asking someone in Kingstown to deliver something to your home and you were giving them directions. That is what our site is all

about, making life easy for you and no complications at all. That is exactly what you can do on our website, nowhere else! This feature is only available to persons living in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

What this also does is to open up a whole new world of easy possibilities for you and a lot of options as well. Our site is 100 per cent secure, so do not be afraid to go on and make a purchase. A lot of Vincentians are already making use of the opportunities both here and abroad. One of the great things about it is that we were able to keep our prices very low because we are not stocking anything here at our location. All those savings go to the consumer.

If you do a comparative price check on line you would notice that almost all of our prices are comparatively lower, because the price you see there on line includes free shipping to all of the 48 states in the US. The only shipping you pay is at the second leg which is from Miami to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It takes approximately 12 days for your goods to arrive at customs! We promised that we will keep on delivering many different services and we are doing just that. This is just phase one. We will be adding more and more kitchen and bathroom products over the coming months.

Christmas is right around the corner, so here is your chance to get that new appliance you always wanted at the price you are willing to pay. Talk next week.

Angelica and Rayan James

Exclusive Kitchens

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