Kitchen Talk
September 12, 2008
Clients give thumbs up

Over the last few months we were implementing a lot of different services and working on adding new features and new product lines to our company. Last week we featured one of our customers’ testimonies about our services and this week we are featuring another so that you can hear what our customers have been saying about our company and our services after completion of their project.{{more}} This week we feature Mr & Mrs Elvis Dublin, of Pembroke. This is what they had to say about Exclusive Kitchens.


“We have been constructing our home over the past year. We agreed that, among other things, our kitchen must be the hallmark of our dream home. After seeing an advertisement for Exclusive Kitchens and viewing their website at, we decided to approach them to have our Kitchen done. We have no regrets. We provided them with the space and they did the rest. Our Kitchen is truly “exclusive”. Thank you!


You would be able to log onto our website and have a look at this kitchen in the coming weeks. We will have another extract for you next week, where we would begin to go over some variables that you need to expect when planning your next kitchen as well. We’ll discuss more next week.

Angelica and Rayan James
Exclusive Kitchens
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