Kitchen Talk
January 4, 2008
Thank you for your support

It is a brand new year once again. We want to wish everyone a happy New Year and hope this year brings you lots of success and your dreams and aspirations come true.

Last year was challenging but yet a successful one for us. It was lots of hard work for both management and staff. We wish to thank all our clients who had supported us throughout the years, and not forgetting you well-wishers. For those who send us comments about our articles, we wish to thank you for your support.{{more}}

As of January 1st 2008, we will be on our annual vacation leave. In order for us to give our customers the best, we decided that we must get a short rest in order to revitalize and refresh our minds and body. Office resumes on 21st January 2008. We are sorry for inconvenience this may have caused.

We are going to be launching a new product as soon as we get back; things are never going to be the same again when it comes to shopping for your kitchen in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. You’ve been asking us for it now for over a year and that is exactly what we are going to be delivering.

To our employees, who had worked hard through out the year, we wish to thank you for your support. You are an important link in the development of any business, and we just need to let you know we appreciate you very much.

Being that we are out on vacation, our next article would be at the end of the month when we get back. We look forward to start writing to you again. We have an exciting year planned ahead of us.