Kitchen Talk
August 31, 2007

Things to consider in the kitchen

These are some of the things you might want to think about including in your next kitchen. For some of you, this might be old news, but for others, it’s good news. So, here we go.

A pantry – this is a cabinet usually, but not necessarily located in the kitchen. The cabinet is normally tall, with lot of shelves in it. It is used for storing food. Think seriously about a dishwasher.{{more}} They were once considered luxuries like radios and TV’s a few years ago, but they are sometimes necessary, especially for the family that likes to entertain. They are just like computers these days. They get cheaper every day. They are so cheap now that you can’t really afford to do without one.

Seriously, take my advice and add a garbage collection unit onto one of the cabinet doors somewhere around the sink area or where you cut up most of your food. You don’t really want to see the garbage in a bin right on the kitchen floor. It looks out of place. So, make sure your new kitchen has one. It can be installed as an additional feature to your existing kitchen. So don’t feel left out. Think about including a Lazy Susan.., YES Lazy Susan, just what it said. My wife asked me this question one day: “Was it a Susan who came up with this idea and was it that she was lazy?” I did not answer that question. But a lazy Susan is a unit that spins on a bearing that is normally located in the corner of a kitchen inside the cabinet. It’s convenient because you can just stop at the door and spin the entire rack all around to you… You go, Susan! Power to you, Susan! Lazy….

Consider putting an island in the kitchen. An island in the kitchen is really a workstation that is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen that provides you with additional working and storage space. You have to be very careful when adding an island though, because some spaces can get cluttered up if an island is added. Another thing is that if you add an island and it cannot anchor the kitchen well, then it would just look like a table added as an after thought, and doesn’t really tie in well with the kitchen. So, think about that carefully.

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