Kitchen Talk
August 17, 2007

What type of material should I use?

What kind of materials should I use in my kitchen? Well it depends on what kind of materials you like. In St. Vincent, you’ll find that your options are limited to either the regular pine and mahogany and the occasional cherry and the occasional rare wood.{{more}} That is why our company has taken the bold step of sourcing our materials straight out of Guyana and Brazil to add some options to the local market. You can use almost any kind of wood material for your kitchen as long as you can get your hands on it and its affordable to you. You would want to stay away from soft wood like white pine to do your doors and frames, use it only for your drawers and in some cases your partitions, and you might want to stay away from certain types of hardwood too, like green heart and purple heart. Many companies would tell you that these woods are simply too tough to be used with their machines for kitchen manufacturing.

Today’s trendy kitchens are shifting away from the normal, people are experimenting with all kinds of materials now, some alrightish and some crazyish but they ish anyway. Some of them end up looking nice and others end up looking… “Well you know how it is,” but don’t be afraid to experiment with materials, while you’re experimenting though, stay with the times. Use glides on all your drawers, handleless doors and drawers are a good option but high end handles work well too. Installed concealed hinges on all your doors, butt hinges are really a thing of the past, use them only if you’re going for an antique feel. Put on crown moulding instead of leaving them off or use skimish mouldings. Don’t overdo it though, and remember to take into consideration the theme of your house.

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