Kitchen Talk
April 27, 2007
Choosing the right theme for your kitchen

One of the things we try to do whenever we are called to provide a layout for a kitchen, is look at the outside and interior of the house to immediately get a sense of the theme of the house and the intended setting.

Long before we even meet the client face to face we would have gathered very important data which is key to the kitchen design.{{more}}

Most of the time, the kitchen is the area where most of the interior budget would be spent, therefore it is imperative that you take the time to sit down with your designer and make sure that they capture your vision for your space and understand it.

Don’t get frustrated if your designer or cabinet maker can’t understand you or vice versa; I am of course assuming here that your kitchen isn’t an ordinary every day one. Today’s trendy kitchens are anything but ordinary, there is so much you can do to add zest and unique taste to your kitchen, so another criteria you may wish to look for is to find someone who is keeping up with the times and the new technologies available. By technology we do not necessarily mean computers – it may be as simple as a modern refrigerator.

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