Refreshing Sorrel Drink
Kitchen Corner
December 7, 2021
Refreshing Sorrel Drink

Drinking sorrel at Christmas time is a tradition that goes back generations. It’s pretty easy to make, so you can enjoy it in your household.

You will need:
1 pound sorrel fresh or you can use dried.
1/ 2 gallon water or 8 cups
Sugar to taste (you will need a lot)
2-4 oz. ginger
About 8 cloves.


Wash sorrel thoroughly, drain and place in bowl. If you are using dried sorrel then you don’t need to wash it. In a large pot add water and sorrel, then peel and grate ginger or cut it into small pieces. Add cloves as well.

Let sorrel come to a boil, then let simmer for about half and hour or until the sorrel looks very soft. Let sit until completely cool. Overnight is best.

Strain, then sweeten by adding the sugar and more water if desired tasting as you go along. I will give you a little family tradition. We like to add a little red Ju-C to the sorrel to give it an additional burst of flavour.

Serve chilled. The flavour does kick in more after a day or two as the drink ripens.

Tips: If you are using powdered clove then only use a very small amount and it can make the drink bitter if you use too much.