May 4, 2018
Let’s educate more women about silent abuse

In relation to your article on April 13, 2018 in which a husband and his co-worker were Snapchat buddies, I think the guy is gaslighting his wife by saying she is dramatic etc., when confronted with the situation. I would really like to see you educate women more about this kind of silent abuse.


Hello Reader,

Hey Rosie

Thank you for your comment regarding this article about a husband who is having a secret affair via social media.

I must say that I do agree with you in terms of him playing his own version of psychological games with his wife and that she should be encouraged to become empowered and not a victim of his “gaslighting”, as you so aptly put it.

I am always encouraging my readers, both male and female, to take the opportunity to improve themselves; be it emotionally, educationally or even financially. Many times it is hard for someone to take that first step to seek counselling, or to confide in a stranger that they are having a problem.

So that is where I try to come in to encourage and empower victims of mental, physical or sexual abuse, to seek help and fight their way out of these very dire situations.

So after 10 years of “Hey Rosie”, I would hope that my readers will know a few of my mantras: 1. You are worth more than the horrible situation that you are currently in.

2. The first step is normally the hardest, but the most necessary, so just do it.

3. Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t ever going to amount to anything (that’s a lie), your potential is boundless. 5. Abuse of ANY KIND is not acceptable, seek help immediately.

So I continue to wish my readers perseverance and faith. You can create positive changes in your life, it just requires your first steps to take your life back and the commitment to see it through to the end.

All the best,


Hey Rosie,

Rosie Small-Morgan