In Memoriam –
In Memoriam/Acknowledgement
March 4, 2022

In Memoriam –

There is a hole deep in our heart
that nothing here can cure
No medicine could heal
this pain we feel inside when
this time comes around.

No worldly things of gifts and gold
could fill a gash so deep
No soothing words, nor passing years
could heal a hole so deep

All we have left are the memories
and laughter of great times, that I
recall a giant hole, deep in our heart
and some pictures on the wall

To my dearest brother, uncle, father
and grandfather, you left without saying
goodbye. Rest for now until we meet again
sleep in peace

To Those who take you away from us,
we hope you are praying for the wrong
you have done. Forgive them Lord
up to this present time the person who killed him
no arrest never made no question
on his death.