In Memoriam – Dorcas Ruth
Dorcas Ruth Adina Wright
In Memoriam/Acknowledgement
December 2, 2021
In Memoriam – Dorcas Ruth

In Loving Memory of the late

Dorcas Ruth
Adina Wright

of Top Questelles Village
Born on the
1st November 1925
passed away on the 8th December 2019
Two years has passed since you took your heavenly flight like falling leaves.

The years go by but memories of you will never die no longer in our lives to share.
But in our hearts you are there, as time unfolds another year memories you ever near.

Greatly missed along life way, quietly remembered along life way, quietly remembered everyday.

Loved by your three children Gloria, Genda and Elca, your grandchildren and great grand other relatives and friends
Rest in the arm of Jesus