In Memoriam – Tswaline Williams
In Memoriam/Acknowledgement
March 15, 2019
In Memoriam – Tswaline Williams

Tswaline Williams
Age: 44 years
formerly of Barrouallie St. Vincent
Died: February 28th in New York (USA)

Daughter of Eula Williams and the late Steppie Williams Surviving relatives: sisters-Peggy-Ann Williams Phillips, Anzanette Williams Whyte Ashan Miller Dyer, Yolande Morris;Brother Kentish Williams, Grandmother Joyce Holder, several uncles including James Roberts, Aunts nieces, nephews, cousins including: Beth Fraser, Elva Gaymes, Udene James Jackman, Lexon Johnson. Close friends: Juan Valmon, Ludeth Williams, Amo Quow, Frederika Layne. Family friends- including Mayhalia Hoyte, Vedette Bulze, Earna Bobb
Burial will take place in New York, May she rest in peace