In Memoriam – Agassi Maurizio Fraser
In Memoriam/Acknowledgement
October 5, 2018
In Memoriam – Agassi Maurizio Fraser

In loving memory of
Agassi Maurizio Fraser
who passed away on the

8th October, 2009.

You held our hands with such care and love
You smile at us effortlessly and lovingly
You filled our heart with so much love and hope
Your words were always kind and laughable

You never walked away from us if we were frowning
But one thing is for sure, you left us to soon
And no matter how many
Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours and minutes
Go by it’s still hard to understand why

It still seems like yesterday
It still hurts like we just heard it
It still pains our heart
Your memory still continues as you fly high
We would ask for the power to bring you back
Just to see you and hold you once more

Word no longer does it justice as to just how we feel
But until there is another way to say it know that
We love and miss you Gassi

Sadly missed by Mother, Father, Sister, Brothers, Niece, Nephews, Aunts,
Uncles, Grandfather other Relatives and Friends.
May you continue rest peacefully in God’s hands.
Know that we will never forget you.