In Memoriam – Carteel Cleopatra Trotman
In Memoriam/Acknowledgement
August 10, 2018
In Memoriam – Carteel Cleopatra Trotman

Carteel Cleopatra Trotman

In loving memory of Carteel C Cleopatra
Trotman, formerly of
Cane Garden, St Vincent
Sunrise: October 21st, 1922
Sunset: July 6th, 2016

Rest in peace; how much this
Be free of pain, no more to
Find joy that never ends
Possess new life that here you
Could not keep
Rest in peace and though we
Reaching for your hand in vain
Our faith is such that we believe
That all of us shall meet again.

Sadly missed by relatives,friends and the staff of Trotmans.
May her loving soul rest in peace.