Hey Rosie!
February 3, 2023
My brother has a fiancée but his side chick is pregnant

Hi Rosie,

I have a major conflict here between my brother and his fiancée.  Rosie, I found out last week that my brother has been cheating on his woman (who I am cool with), so much so the other woman is three months pregnant! Rosie, he is so sloppy!  It’s bad enough you are cheating on your incredible girl, but you knock up the side chick?  Rosie, they are getting married in December this year! My parents are going to kill him!  Should I tell my parents?  He knows I know and I told him if he doesn’t say anything to his fiancé I am going to tell her.  He cursed me out and told me to mind my business!  Am I wrong to tell her?  She is such a great girl, she doesn’t deserve this.


Dear Torn,

Well this one is sticky! I am going to go with “no”, do NOT be the bearer of this type of news to this young lady.  It is not your responsibility to tell her this horrible news, it is your brother’s.

I get it, you are upset and also disappointed by your brother’s very immature actions.  The fact that he has a baby coming all around the same time he is going to be married is totally ludicrous. However, it is NOT for you to tell her.

This is something that your brother as a man has to deal with for himself.  He has to have a conscience to come clean and give his fiancée the opportunity to decide if she wants to work this mess out with him.

I truly hope that he will decide to do the right thing. All the best to you and your family.


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