My best friend is having a  relationship with my husband
Hey Rosie!
January 20, 2023
My best friend is having a relationship with my husband

Hey Rosie,

I just found out that my best friend has been seeing my man for the last 7 months, she told me a few nights ago that she is in love with him and she isn’t going to leave him! Rosie can you believe this? My friend, I mean my EX-friend and I have been best friends since we were 9 years old and I am the godmother to her daughter! Our families are so close I can’t believe she did me like this Rosie! I am more hurt about her betraying me than my man cheating? A lot of my family and other friends say that I should just walk away. But we have been friends for 23 years and I feel as though I should sit down and talk to her and find out why? I’m so hurt! Help me.

Betrayed & Hurt

Dear Betrayed and Hurt,

I am sending you a hug, I know you must be in such a dark and sad place at this time, but keep the faith. You will pull through this horrible betrayal. Yes I can understand that you are searching for answers at this time, such as; “Why would she do this?” “What happen to loyalty? The questions can go on and on. First of all you did nothing wrong here, so don’t blame yourself. These two adults made their own poor choices and now must live with it. Their relationship is built on deception…this is a foundation like sand, it isn’t rock solid.

Now to answer your question regarding sitting down and having a conversation to find out why, I really don’t think this is a good idea at this point. She is obviously in another place at the moment. The fact that she said that she isn’t going to leave him lets you know loud and clear that she has made her decision at the moment. I can understand that you feel that you deserve an answer, but this isn’t going to happen. Also if you push the issue, this may be even a worse confrontation than what you need at this time.

Believe me, one day your friend will come across your path again and possibly ask you to forgive her. You will then have to decide if this is something you would want to do. Just a tip to you though, I would feed her with a really long spoon. She has proven that she can’t be trusted. You can forgive if you choose but be well aware of what she is capable of doing. Oh yes, life has a way of spring cleaning itself of people and situations that are or can be toxic in your life. You will become a stronger person who is more aware in your relationships in the future due to this horrible experience. Life is a daily teacher, you will live, laugh and love again. Be strong.


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