I am pregnant again after 7 months, what should I do about this baby?
Hey Rosie!
December 9, 2022
I am pregnant again after 7 months, what should I do about this baby?

Hey Rosie,

My problem is that I just had a baby seven months ago and I just went back to work and I just discovered that I’m pregnant again.

Rosie, my husband and I have two kids who are 3 and under and we are stressed as it is with our newest baby as he is very colicky.

We are fortunate that we have family around to give us a break, but I know my husband will not be mentally prepared for this shock!

Truthfully neither me! I know I’m not going to do it but seeing I’m the only one that knows should I consider getting rid of it? I know it sounds harsh but I am considering my options.

Desperate mom

Dear Desperate Mom,

I’m sending you a massive hug and I’m also rubbing your back. I can feel your desperation and anxiety. Please know that you are not alone my dear, you CAN and WILL get through this.

This little one has popped up on you and has knocked the wind out of your sails huh? Please know you wouldn’t be the first or the last Mommy to go through this surprise! I can fully understand the issue of just giving birth, the current baby being fussy and having a toddler too. But you did mention that you are blessed with good and helpful family, they will step in. I need you to take care of you mentally and physically.

Go speak to a counsellor, let them know what’s going on and your fears etc. Also I’d share it with a close family or friend who can help you break it slowly to your hubby. He may surprise you and be supportive.

I understand that abortion is every woman’s right – I get it. In your case I’m strongly guiding you to tell your husband and your family. I think I know what the response would be, they would support you. Remember there are never mistakes in this life.

This little one is making an appearance for a reason.

You will thrive my dear, just reach out and get the support you need right now.

All the best,


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