Should I return to my cheating ex; my new man is boring
Hey Rosie!
November 18, 2022
Should I return to my cheating ex; my new man is boring

Hey Rosie,

I’m with a new guy now but I always compare him to my ex. The way he speaks to me, the way he looks out for me , even our sex life, I just can’t stop.

Never mind that my ex cheated on me numerous times and got another girl pregnant when we were together, I still realise that I have a thing for me ex.

I never told my present boyfriend my thoughts but I can see that this relationship isn’t going to last. Should I go back to my ex Rosie even though I know he is never loyal. At least this was one is loyal even though he’s boring.


Dear Help!

Wow, you do know you have some major unresolved issues right? There are so many layers to this I don’t even know where to begin.

Before you consider going back to your ex (a bad idea ), you should consider trying to work on you and what makes you attracted to people who are obviously not good for you. This is your first step .

Secondly, do not jump from one relationship to another this is NOT smart. Sometimes we need to figure out what went wrong and what you would like going forward. I strongly suspect this is what happened with your new relationship.

Thirdly you should just do the right thing and let your new boyfriend go. I think it’s the right thing to do, do not string him along like this, it’s not right . You must work out your issues in terms of you deserving better treatment and also treating others with respect.
Good luck on your journey.


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