Thinking of calling it quits on my  partner who won’t keep out of trouble
Hey Rosie!
November 4, 2022
Thinking of calling it quits on my partner who won’t keep out of trouble

Hey Rosie,

I’ve been with my man for the last 16 years since my senior year in high school. We have gone through a lot of good times but more bad. He keeps getting in a lot of trouble, so much so that his parents sent him back to the islands to keep him out of trouble and he started selling drugs and guns.

His family there got fed up and made him come back to the US. We continued where we left off and we had our daughter who is now 7 years old.

He’s a good guy, but he hooked up with his old crowd from high school up here . He lost his job, was caught with drugs and an open bottle of alcohol in the car all while driving with a suspended license.

He was sentenced to a minimum of seven years.

Rosie I need a stable partner. I have a decent job, an education and a great daughter. I’m thinking of calling it quits. What are your thoughts . I love him, but I feel as though I am wasting my time . He also knows how I feel and says he knows he can lose me.


Dear Help,

This decision is 100% yours. Your partner has made some very poor choices and has to pay the price.

I know you must love him and you guys have a child together, along with a lot of history, but he truly has gone down a reckless road which hasn’t enhanced your life.

In fact he is a huge liability to be honest . How could he not know that driving with an open bottle of alcohol, along with drugs and to top it off with a suspended license wouldn’t have been a dangerous combination?

You are still a relatively young woman, with a bright future ahead for you and your daughter . Take the time to make the best decisions and choices for both of you. Your boyfriend has to pay for his mistakes. It’s time to take your well being into account and put you first.

You can always have a soft spot for him, but it can be from a distance. Whatever you do, always remember you have to set a stellar example for your daughter to follow. I wish you the best.


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