Help! I can’t stop  cheating on my girlfriend
Hey Rosie!
September 9, 2022
Help! I can’t stop cheating on my girlfriend

Hey Rosie

I met this girl when I was driving a passenger van. I love this girl so much, she is not like any other girl I know. She is very sweet, loving, caring, polite and I can go on and say much more about her. I took her virginity and gave her two children but the problem is that I am a wild man, I don’t know if I could help it. Rosie I really do need help because this girl has done a lot for me and I am tired of hurting her. There are so many women who want me and them to be together, some of them I just use unlike the others I could be with them. Rosie I am with this girl for more than three years now and I don’t want to disappoint her by just leaving her like that because I don’t want to lose her because when I am sick she is like a doctor to me, if I have a problem she will give me a good advice.

Rosie, she washes my clothes, cooks my meal and takes care of my kids – even the children I had before I met her. The problem now is that there is this other girl whom I want to be with. She is very pretty. Although she have her man her body just drives me crazy and makes me longing for her.

Rosie I need your help because I don’t know which woman to choose.

I need help.

Dear I need help.

That would be the understatement of the year! You need more than just help. You need to be alone. Were you hoping that I would sugar coat this answer for you? I hope not, because you already know what I’m going to say.

You are a man without boundaries. What you see is what you want no matter the cost, and this is a very dangerous trait to have. Somewhere along the line, someone told you that you are hot (not saying that you are not) but you ran with that! A man who keeps looking around for his next prize isn’t doing himself any good or the woman you profess to love either. Are we forgetting diseases? Are we forgetting that the partner of the other woman may want to hurt you or even worse? Are we forgetting that having a bunch of children with different women all over the place is really an injustice to the kids?

Look, real talk; leave this girl alone please. If she is what you describe, you already know that you are doing her wrong and you are not in the place to commit to either. Take care of your kids, support them and love them. But in my opinion you are not ready for this woman and what she brings to this relationship. Why put her through this drama? It also makes me wonder why she’s putting up with this as well? Boss, you need to look at yourself and ask why is it your eyes are so long? Also ask yourself if you can EVER commit to one woman? What happens when your looks, charm and money run out (and they will) what then? Who will have your back then?

So I go back to the beginning. You need some alone time to examine yourself. Ask yourself these hard questions, and also go seek some help, like counselling. YOU NEED IT! Sometimes in life you need someone to tell you that you are strolling down the wrong path, therefore make a quick right and get back on the straight and narrow. I know you have a lot more positive things than this behaviour to offer.


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