Help! I am engaged but I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend.
Hey Rosie!
August 5, 2022
Help! I am engaged but I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend.

Dear Rosie

I am getting married very soon to my fiance who I love so much and I know he loves me too. I can trust him.

Before I met my fiance, I was with this guy who I loved so much, but I made one mistake of creating a fake Facebook account because I couldn’t trust him.

When he found out, we had a break up, then got together again.

During this second chance in his life, he never appreciated my love so I had to end the relationship myself.

Now that I am with my fiance, every time my ex-boyfriend speaks to me, I fall in love with him,  although I don’t want to because I rather my fiance than my ex-boyfriend. I don’t want to lose my fiance because of this.

Seriously I don’t know what to do.

I need some advice



Dear I need some advice,

Right off the bat you have to put your wedding on hold, marriage is not a game! You are having major issues with trust and also infidelity. Even though you may not be sleeping with your ex, you are emotionally involved and that sometimes is even more dangerous!

If you couldn’t trust your ex back then, which led you to create a fake Facebook account, then what has changed since? He is already proving that he can’t be trusted because he’s now cheating with you. So, if he’s doing this with you, you KNOW he’s also fooling around with someone else, right?

Then you are equally as wrong because you are about to marry your fiancé, but you are fantasising about your ex? Come on! You have to examine your feelings and what it is that makes you first of all cheat on your husband to be, in addition to being the type of person who would get caught up in a very dangerous triangle like this? You must know that this WILL not end well, playing with people’s emotions isn’t cool and the results are never good.

So I will repeat again what I said, I would postpone the wedding. I really don’t care if the dress is bought, the hall is booked and the fruits are being soaked for the cake. Postponing the wedding is much simpler than starting out a new life together with your spouse based on a lie. Maybe the pastor who is marrying can be your counsellor? Or if that is too embarrassing, then you can go to a professional counselling place.

The bottom line is your marriage will be doomed before it begins. That’s real talk.

I really only wish you the best, so you should want the same for yourself.


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