Am I being overprotective by wanting to  accompany my daughter overseas to university?
Hey Rosie!
July 15, 2022
Am I being overprotective by wanting to accompany my daughter overseas to university?

Hi Rosie,

My question is a quick one, my daughter is going away to university in a couple of weeks and I am going to travel with her to make sure that her lodging and commuting are acceptable. The thing is Rosie, my sisters and my mother both think that this is strange that I am going to go with her and I should just let her go. She is 18, going to a foreign country (that she has only visited as a tourist) and this is her first year at college. Do you think I am too overprotective? My daughter doesn’t mind.

Anxious Mom

Dear Anxious Mom,

I hear you, I really do and I know I am not the only one who can relate to this sense of panic/loss/acceptance of our children coming of age…but we have to.
With regard to your going abroad with her to get her settled for school, I think that is within the realm of normal. I know I would have done the same thing. However, it’s what you do after a couple of days and she is getting the hang of things is really the question here. You are going to have to take some deep breaths, maybe seek some professional counselling or maybe if you are religious, pray about it, but you will have to let your daughter fly solo soon.
Remember you have done an exceptional job getting her this far, and now it’s time to let her take her first (and painful steps for you) into adulthood. Quick tips: Setup Skype date nights so you can catch up on what’s happening; how about making sure that your daughter has a physical support system there, so she can have help in case of emergency; and of course letting her know that you are there at any time if she needs a listening ear is always comforting as well. She will be a great success Mommy and tell your family to let you be for a bit. But you may also have some letting go to do. Good Luck to you both!


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