He’s Muslim, I’m Catholic how do we tell our parents?
Hey Rosie!
July 8, 2022
He’s Muslim, I’m Catholic how do we tell our parents?

Hey Rosie,

My boyfriend and I are from 2 different worlds. He’s Muslim and I’m Catholic. We have been going out for the last 8 months, we met in school and really hit it off. We both are on campus and our families do not know about the religious aspect to our relationship. We’d love to hang out with each other over the summer but I think it’s going to be an issue. How do we get them not to blow a gasket? We just want to be open with our people about our relationship all while being respectful about our differences.


Dear Help,

Yes this can be a bit sticky, but you know what? Both sets of parents have done a great job raising you guys, because this is a very mature approach for young people like yourselves to take.

Ok all I can say is follow your hearts and when you both get back home, sit your parents down and let them know you met a guy/girl who is from a different background and you would like them to meet them. Be open to a frank discussion about your feelings and their concerns about the differences as well.

I feel that you may have better luck being straightforward and honest . You guys are not talking marriage or kids, you just want to continue being open and happy in this new relationship. The trick is having respect on both sides. Learning to slowly integrate the other person in your world so the other side can get to know them. It’s not going to be 100% easy, but I think it may be better than you think.

Bottom line is I think being open is very necessary for a successful chance at this diverse relationship. Good luck!


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