I’m in a great relationship but my mind won’t let me trust my boyfriend
Hey Rosie!
February 11, 2022
I’m in a great relationship but my mind won’t let me trust my boyfriend

Hey Rosie

I’m always reading your article when I get the chance and I got to say your advices are beyond spectacular. Ok well I’m a 17 yrs girl that’s in a great relationship with this guy. Rosie I got to tell you that he’s all that I want and more. I know you’ll say I’m too young but you see when you’ve been through many hurt like I do and you find someone that’s fixing all the pieces to your puzzle you’ll understand. We have been dating over a year now and its been great. Our anniversary is coming up and I hope that GOD has our faith in his hands I’m a old school kind of girl I don’t like to be seen and I don’t party, this guy is exactly like me. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! But because of my past I see failure to trust him. Rosie I really want to but being hurt so many times shatter me. He does absolutely nothing to hurt me and I know that he loves me but my stuborn mind won’t let me trust him.

Sturborn mind

Hello Stubborn Mind,

Let me put this out there, I do understand young love.  I understand when you are fighting so many negatives in this world – sometimes it could be your own family.  I understand what it is to find a kindred spirit that puts your mind at ease, I feel all that and by no means am I hating on that at all.  What I am concerned about is when you make that person your EVERYTHING!  No matter your age, you have to get your own strength from within.

So this young man seems very decent and respectful which is a rarity these days!  However, like I just mentioned prior,  your own insecurities are coming to the surface, partially because of your age and maybe some has to do with what you have seen growing up.

One step at a time my girl; first give thanks that you have a decent person in your corner.  Then realise at 17 you need to stretch as a young woman and learn more about yourself, your strengths and shortcomings alike.  Finally, try to figure out what you hope to accomplish for your future i.e education, career and how do you make a worthwhile contribution to his world.

Do not beat up yourself like this!  You are only 17!!  If it becomes too overwhelming to you, seek counselling.  You will quickly realise you aren’t the only one going through this….I promise you that much. 

Baby steps my friend, we ALL have to do them and you will do just fine.


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