Should I move out?
Hey Rosie!
November 12, 2021
Should I move out?

Hi Rosie,

I don’t get along with my parents.  We fight and argue all the time.  They don’t like my friends, the fact that I like to hang out and party, they are disappointed that I am not in school either.  I am 23 and I do have a full time job, but my parents said that I’m not responsible enough because I don’t contribute enough to the household.  Rosie it’s my hard earned money and I give what I can every now and then when I can.  Granted I don’t pay rent or buy food, but that is their job not mine.  I don’t have any kids, I don’t do drugs and I am respectful to them so what is the problem.  Maybe I should move out  to keep the peace? What do you think?


Dear Tired,

Yes, please yes, MOVE OUT!  Are you serious? I read your letter with my mouth wide opened.  You came across very entitled and spoilt, no wonder you and your parents are fighting so much.

Why is it that you think at 23 years old you shouldn’t be an active financial contributor to your household?  Who said that your parents have a legal obligation to provide for you at this stage in your life?  Let me give you a news flash – they don’t!

I’m sorry but you are selfish, plain and simple.  So let me go back to my first statement where I am agreeing with you that it’s time for you to go.  See what the real world is about; the bills , the responsibility and all that comes with it.  I’m pretty sure you will have a different tune then.  Make sure after tasting the humble pie you are going to experience, that you go back and thank your parents for all that they did for you.  Good luck my dear, I truly wish you the best with your new adventure in life.


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