Tough love is very much required for your family
Hey Rosie!
September 3, 2021
Tough love is very much required for your family

Hey Rosie,

I am going through a major medical issue at the moment. But as I try to remain as focused and emotionally uncluttered as possible, my family’s bad decisions are causing me major anxiety and unhappiness. I am battling people depending on me during my illness for money even though they are working, infidelity with one of my married children, my hubby’s anger issues and the list goes on. They make me so sad and angry, Rosie, that I’d just like to scream and run away.  How can I tell them to back off?


Dear Desperate,

First let me say that I do pray that you will get over this medical hurdle that you are facing at the moment.  I know this must be taxing for you; also keeping a positive frame of mind is half the battle in terms of healing and putting yourself back on track to the road of health.

Yes, my friend, tough love is very much required for your family at the moment.  I can’t believe that they are bringing this kind of drama to you, you truly do NOT need any of it at this time!  So you are going to have to lay down the law and tell them what you are not going to put up with.

In fact, you should designate a “drama free” area.  No one can bring their nonsense to that space when you are there. As you know our family can be the biggest offenders when coming to our feelings and well being.

Hopefully after talking to them they can realise that their poor behaviour is not what you need and they can manage their own issues without involving you. If not, you are going to have to put them in a time-out until you are in a better emotional and physically healthy space.  

I am sending you positive energy and healing vibes my friend, you can do this!


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