Hey Rosie!
July 9, 2021
My husband has a snapchat buddy

Hey Rosie,

Can you believe that I found out my husband and my co-worker (a woman) are Snapchat buddies? It was by pure coincidence when she let it slip that she had sent him a message regarding our upcoming company picnic! I was like, “what the what”? How did you message my husband?

Then she realised that she was busted. Rosie, I went home and created hell! They’ve been “friends” for over a year and would chat daily on Snapchat.  My husband said I should relax because they are just friends, but he doesn’t get why I’m so angry with him for the betrayal and I’m not talking to my co-worker either. He said I am too dramatic, what would you do?  How do I know they are doing more? Meanwhile, she is married too and I would LOVE to let her man know what she’s up too!


Dear Pissed,

I would be very tight too! Forgive me, this feels like they are creeping big time! Plus him telling you that you should relax and not to be dramatic is him trying to deflect his guilt back to you!

Listen, you should definitely dig and find out what is really going on here.  What is it that they have to talk about like that behind the scenes? You never mentioned if they were friends before this, but this behaviour is still unacceptable.

Remember one thing though, if you are ready to dig, you have to be ready to find out the truth as well.  Sometimes the truth can be down right ugly.  

Be civil at work with your co-worker, because that is your bread and butter and you should have a certain level of decorum at work.  But at home you should shake the truth out of your husband so you can gain some clarity with his secret lifes.
I wish you the best with what you choose to do going forward .


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