Hey Rosie!
June 4, 2021
My wife caught me cheating and kicked me out!

Hey Rosie,

I was caught cheating on my wife, by my wife! Rosie, I had created another profile where I pretended to be single.

Rosie, she told me to get out and we are hardly on speaking terms.  We only deal with each other because of our two young kids. It wasn’t worth it and I want my wife and kids back.  She told my sister that she’s so upset that she can’t even look at me!  I’m afraid that she will want a divorce. When I walk into the room she either walks out, stops talking or just looks away. How can I save this marriage? Even the kids are picking up on this and it’s breaking me up.  What can I do? I’m desperate.


Dear Losing,

Yes indeed, you messed up! You thought you could play the field and not get caught – but you were busted!

The one thing you will have to come to terms with is if she does not want to save this marriage and there is nothing that you can do to change her mind if that’s the case.

However, if she is open to hashing out this painful experience and betrayal by you then you should bend over backwards to work with her. Truthfully, this incident is the end result of other overall issues you both have not dealt with, so you should try to be honest with each other.

Cheating is never the answer, I know you know this now, but I just wanted to reinforce this sentiment one more time.  Feel her out a bit at a time and see how open she might be when it comes to communicating with you.  All you can do at this stage is follow her lead and not push.  

Continue being a good co-parent and supportive partner.  Sometimes time can help heal deep wounds.  Good luck.


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