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My husband does not satisfy me sexually

My husband does not satisfy me sexually

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Hey Rosie,

My problem is that I love to have sex and my husband doesn’t.  So I have been going to my friends house a lot to have sex with her and her husband.  I know this is bad but I get my satisfaction.  I love my husband a lot but he would leave me if he knew what we were doing.  My friend is his cousin so he will be really upset because he trusts her.
Help me Rosie. I love my husband but he don’t give me enough attention in the bedroom and I don’t know what to do.  Help me please.  Waiting for your advise.

Help Me

Dear Help Me,

Forgive me, but I can’t believe what I’m reading!  You are not only cheating on your husband, but you are having group sex with your husband’s cousin and her husband?  Of course this is bad!  On every level this is not right.

If you are unhappy with your sex life with your husband, you should let him know about your dissatisfaction.  He should be given this opportunity to know about the problem in his marriage.  This is where two mature adults sit down and discuss their problems.  This has not happened to her at all.  So he is just left in the dark!  Betrayal of the worse kind!

Now let’s discuss this group sex situation.  Is it the excitement of doing something that is so obviously wrong that keeps you going back? Are you trying to get caught?  What about your marriage and commitment to your husband?  Not to mention the betrayal that you are engaged in a sexual triangle  with his cousin and her husband?  Come on.  I am trying very hard here not to be upset, but you fully well know ALL of this is wrong!

If you are unhappy leave.  Normally I like to encourage people to work through their issues, but you have added many poor elements here.  It would take a lot of dedication to work through all of this.  Firstly, are you willing to come completely clean with your husband?  Then if by some miracle he is willing to work through this mess are you willing to stop this behavior?

Basically, all I can say is that this started with you.  It must end with you.  You went outside of your marriage seeking sexual gratification.  You will have to be the one to stop it.  No one else.  I really, really do wish you all the best in making the correct choices.  It is not just your life, you are not the only one involved in this mess.  You say you love your husband; do the right thing and stop playing these very dangerous games.


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