Heed the advice of friends, family
Hey Rosie!
December 31, 2020

Heed the advice of friends, family

Hey Rosie,

My deal is just really to warn the young girls out there that sometimes they should listen when family and friends tell you that you should leave a guy alone.

Rosie, I have a type… I like my guys tough like a thug, well built, ones that I thought I had respect for because they wouldn’t back down from a fight, etc.  

Well that was my mistake.  I met this guy through a friend of a friend. We were in a club and he had the right moves and said the right things.  He smoked (not crazy about that), drank, drove fast and I was in heaven.

One day, we were hanging out and he said he’d be right back.  Rosie, I was in my car and I was driving. Do you know this fool robbed a store? He came running out, dropped the money in my car, told me to drive and he would catch with me later and he ran off on foot!  Rosie, the cops caught me, arrested me within hours and charged me as an accomplice.

My life is now a legal mess and I’m facing over 5 years in prison. My parents are in debt to help me out, I had to drop out of school one year before graduation and my boyfriend told the court that this was my plan. I can’t believe it! Hopefully my story can prevent young women from going down this hurtful path. By the way, Rosie, I am only 23 years old.  God knows what’s going to happen to me now?

Dear Hurt,

Words really fail me at this moment.  My simple response is that it would seem as though you are in the middle of a HUGE life lesson.  One that after reading your perspective, you now, at this very young age of 23, have learnt a life-changing lesson from it.

A few things to hold unto; always keep the faith.  Without it you have no foundation.  Do not let this one mistake define the rest of your life.  You can change the world for the better no matter your experiences.  Ask deep within yourself “what is the lesson that I am getting here and how can I make my life a more positive experience”.  Finally, forgive yourself, continue to plan and make improvements in your life.  You are responsible for you.

I do hope your case turns out in your favour.  Sending positive thoughts your way.


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