I am frustrated, tired of  my family, constantly  contemplate suicide
Hey Rosie!
October 23, 2020
I am frustrated, tired of my family, constantly contemplate suicide

Dear Rosie,

I feel so tired and frustrated that I constantly contemplate suicide. I live at home with my mother, my ailing grandmother, my uncle and two cousins. I recently got a job, the salary isn’t a lot, but it provides for me on a daily basis. My problem is that my family thinks that I am making a ton of money and has left all the bills and food expenses on me.

I recently asked my mother to find a job to assist with the bills and other additional expenses around the home, but she refused and got offended. My uncle has refused to work over the last 15 years and is able bodied. My mother spends all day watching tv and browsing the internet. When I get home after a long day of work, I still have to prepare all my meals, do my laundry and iron. I take care of everyone, but no one takes care of me.

 My cousins work, but they use their money to drink, entertain women, and friends. I am currently exploring avenues to cut ties with them, whether by renting on my own, going to work on a cruise ship or the Royal Army. I need your help, because I feel like I am dying inside and no one understands my struggle or hears my silent cries.

Lost and Hopeless

Dear Lost and Hopeless,

All is not lost and please do not despair, also please remember that suicide is NEVER the answer or option! 

Ok, based on your report, your family is really taking you for granted and tapping you dry financially.  There comes a time when you have to take your power back! 

My girl, put your plan into motion. What would you really like to do? Would you like to move and find your own place? Or is it the Army, as you indicated? Whatever your dream is, put the plan into motion and make this dream a reality.

Sometimes we have to quietly take a stand and a leap of faith. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your family, but you may have to love from a distance.  No one, including those closest to you, should deplete your spirit, your money, your kindness and your peace of mind. You deserve to be happy, respected and loved as well. 

Make a plan, positively envision the successful results and go forward in faith! 


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