No woman should have to just to get ahead lower her standards
Hey Rosie!
October 16, 2020

No woman should have to just to get ahead lower her standards

Dear Rosie,

I’ve thought long and hard about reaching out to someone. I feel better about doing so because I realise now I’m not the only one in this position. I not too long ago went to a certain Government Department to acquire a piece of land. I was directed to an officer, the interview seemed to be going well at first, then he told me how nice I looked and asked for my cell number giving me his personal cell and not the government’s phone number. When the meeting was finished he walked me to the door sizing me up in an uncomfortable way, like if he was stripping me naked, it made my blood crawl.

To add to this he has been messaging me on Whatsapp inviting me for lunch offering to drop me home etc. I feel like I have to entertain him so as not to spoil my chances with getting the land. A friend had the same experience she has gone so far as to record their chats and is milking him for what she can get.

I told my boyfriend about it, who is friendly with a guy in the office who told him to go to the newspaper. It seems like he looks for nice looking young girls. Rosie I’m not interested. Women here have become so desperate and cheap selling themselves for very little.

I’m not prepared to do that.

Please give me an answer.

Dear Please give me an answer,

This is such a disturbing and stressful letter to read and I can’t agree with you enough, no woman should have to lower her standards just to get ahead.

Shamefully, some men will always try to use their positions of power for their unsavoury gains and I am proud of you for not giving into his suggestions. Personally, I would block him from WhatsApp. I wouldn’t even indulge him in this

back and forth, it breathes life into this nonsense. Secondly, I am also happy that you let your boyfriend know what has been transpiring, you must always be honest and open when building a healthy and transparent relationship with your partner. Finally, I would walk away from getting this land through this program. It’s already tainted and not worth you dealing with this man, it’s like selling your soul to the devil in my opinion.

I disagree with your girlfriend playing this game and “milking him” for her own purposes. Men like this need to know that you are NOT for sale period!

If he continues to pressure you, or make any other unsolicited advances and you feel that going to his superiors will bring you no satisfactory resolution to this very murky situation; then you will have some hard decisions to make. Carefully think through your next moves; it may be legally (showing how this land is a “play for pay” deal), reporting it to the media (buyer beware) to the public or simply just walking away.

Whatever you decide, you will have to live with the outcome. However, I am in full agreement with you, there may be land for sale – but your body isn’t.

Good Luck my friend, Rosie

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