Hey Rosie!
September 11, 2020
I’m pregnant, but my boyfriend has another girl. Should I stay?

Hey Rosie

I’m a 21-year-old mother of a three-year-old and I’m pregnant at the moment for a 32-year-old guy who has a girlfriend.

I recently met this guy in February and our love just escalated in no time. I got pregnant in March with his first child; his girlfriend was pregnant once and had an abortion because she thinks he’s not responsible enough to have a child. They’ve been together for three years and all I get is promises everyday that he’s going to leave her, so he can be with me alone. When he’s not working he’s at my house and he even sleeps here every night.

He said that the girl doesn’t want to let go because of the good treatment she getting, but I don’t want to share him so I think I will have to let him go as much I’m in love with him and I know that he’s in love with me. I think that behind my back he’s telling her another story, but I know at times he will tell her to leave and she refuses to, and being with the both of us is messing up our relationship because I don’t like sharing my man. I want to know if I should stay with him or i should just have this child then forget him.


Dear Confused,

Yes I can see why you would be confused; so much is going on in your world and I do feel for you and the predicament that you are in.

I know you are a sensible girl and you can see why this love triangle is not working out in your favour. When a man is caught between two women his loyalties become very shaky and fuzzy. Do you really need that kind of drama in your life?

Look, what you should focus on is you and your children. Also the best would be if you and the father can come to terms and co-parent to the best terms for your children’s sake.

Yes you love him, yes you don’t want to share him, yes he whispers sweet nothings to you when you are alone together. But guess what? He is not yours … you have a choice to make and I want you to know you are stronger than you know.

All the best,


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