What happened to doctor patient confidentiality?
Hey Rosie!
August 14, 2020

What happened to doctor patient confidentiality?

Hi Rosie

Thanks for being the lawyer who gives advice that no amount of money can buy. You’re great!

This issue is bothering me to the point of insomnia. I visited my doctor here in SVG and discussed with her certain personal and health related issues. She was quite reassuring and I went away feeling better. Rosie, would you believe, my doctor told one of her acquaintances, who happens to be one of my co-workers, all of my personal business? I know, I can’t believe it either. This co-worker gossiped my business with those in her clique and it got right back to me. I am so devastated, I can hardly sit still. This breach of confidentiality is very unprofessional.

If one can’t trust their doctor, then who can they trust? Tell me what to do, i’m at a loss!!

Very Devastated

Dear Devastated,

I would also be devastated! If I can’t have my private business remain private with my doctor, then who can I trust? I am so floored by your letter that I couldn’t believe that this would be happening in this day and age.

You know, to be frank, living in a small community, sadly we tend to get into one another’s business. The lines are often blurred regarding what should be said in confidence or what should be on the agenda for a regular conversation.

However, I draw the line at doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, pastors, etc. This should be a given, one shouldn’t have to worry about what is discussed in confidence with your personal physician. Also isn’t there an oath or something that they take which covers them not doing this?

What should you do? I am not one to jump into a lawyer’s office for every little issue, but I am recommending that you have a consultation with one. Tell them that you are so devastated about this breach and you would like some advice before moving on. I wouldn’t even approach your doctor at this moment, because you can get caught in the whole, “I never said that” scenario.

Once you get your legal advice, and it may be recommended that the lawyer contacts the doctor about your concerns; I would let your attorney speak for you. Do not get pulled in any further. Also let me say that I am so sorry about what has happened to you. Of course this should NOT have happened and even worse, to be fodder for the work mill? Just terrible! But be focused, get the advice I suggested and above all CHANGE DOCTORS NOW! I wish you the very best moving forward.


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