I feel like my friends are shutting me out
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Hey Rosie!
August 7, 2020
I feel like my friends are shutting me out

Hey Rosie.

Recently I’ve been feeling like in my group of friends I’m being left out.  We all get together a lot.  Especially on the weekends, we go clubbing, shopping, the movies etc.  All of a sudden I notice I see on social media them doing stuff without me.  When I ask what’s up, they say to me that they thought I was “busy”.   This is not right and I feel as though they are trying to shut me out!  Shouldn’t I call them out on this, Rosie, or should I just walk away?  We’ve been friends for over 10 years and I’m confused.  No, we didn’t have a fight, because I know you are going to ask that question.  I’m so confused.

In the Cold

Hello in the Cold,  

This is weird to happen out of the blue like this! All of a sudden, just like that? Hmmm, something is different and you are not telling me.

Did a new person come into the mix recently (within the last 1-2 years?), did someone get offended by a comment you may have made?  Did you move further away from everyone?  Do you owe someone money in the group?  I’m throwing all of these scenarios out there because this is odd for them to purposefully leave you out like this.

Whatever it is, you really have to decide if they are worth your time.  We sometimes outgrow our friends.  Everyone is not going to be in our lives forever – things sometimes happen to separate us because that is how it was meant to happen.

Again, if you want to fight for these relationships, go out to dinner and ask them point blank “why is this happening?”  Depending on what you hear, make your decision from there.  

Who knows, maybe you are approaching a new chapter in your life and they aren’t a part of it.  Be strong and good luck!


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