My Husband’s Sex Drive is Non-Existent!
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Hey Rosie!
June 26, 2020

My Husband’s Sex Drive is Non-Existent!

Hi Rosie,

My husband had surgery recently and his sex drive has dropped off completely! At first I thought he was just healing, but it has been four months now and we have not been intimate at all. He doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong. How can I get him to take this seriously?

No Attention

Dear No Attention,

This is more frequent than you may realize and because it is such a sensitive subject it can be a difficult one to broach and fix.

Let me say that I think your hubby is privately battling this new normal of the lack of sex drive and maybe he is very embarrassed to talk to you about it because he himself maybe very confused and upset as well.

This is where his doctor comes in; it could be a delayed side effect from the surgery and him not saying anything is leaving this situation in the dark. So if he could talk to his doctor there may be a very simple solution; but he has to take the leap of faith and let them know what’s going on.

The trick here is to be kind and encouraging, letting him know that you still love him and support him no matter what. This takes some of the pressure off and allows him to go and seek help.

I wish you both the best in finding a positive resolution to this very frustrating situation.


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