I am fedup of my boyfriend’s name being called  with other women
Hey Rosie!
April 30, 2020

I am fedup of my boyfriend’s name being called with other women

Hey Rosie,

I am a young independent female in desperate need of your advice. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years now.

During these years, my friends and even family members are always telling me things about my boyfriend cheating on me. Almost every week my boyfriend’s name is being called with a different woman. As far as I can see, every single woman he talks to people always watching him and saying he is cheating.

Rosie I am confused because I don’t know if should believe my friends and family or my boyfriend. Deep inside my heart I want to believe my boyfriend because I trust and love him and I know that he definitely loves me but I am fed up of hearing his name called with other women. I cannot stop my boyfriend from talking to whoever he wants to talk to because I know I would not like that for myself.

All this confusion is not the only problem I am having. You see Rosie, I am now starting to realize that I am developing feelings for someone else. I have been watching this other person for the past two years and it is safe to say that we like each other a lot. The thing is we are both in a relationship.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want my relationship with boyfriend to come to an end, but I feel like if I am given the opportunity, I will cheat with this other person I have feeling for. What should I do? Should I believe my friends and family and break it off with my boyfriend? Should I tell my boyfriend that I am in love someone else?

Please help me!!

Dear Please Help Me,

Oh no! None of this is a healthy or happy situation. But guess what, YOU are the common factor here.

This response is going to be very brief: Maybe your relationship with your current boyfriend is coming down to the end of its run? Even though you say that you are standing behind your man, I can detect in the tone of this letter that you are tired of all the accusations swirling around about his infidelities. I know this MUST get to you and possibly is turning you off from him as well.

So to then act upon the flirtation and attraction you are having for this other guy and not end it with your boyfriend then makes you potentially as bad as he! So handle the current issue first with your boyfriend. Look in your heart and ask if you really want to be with him and work on this relationship. If you decide not, tell him how you feel and move on from there.

Finally, I will ask you to take sometime to yourself and sort out what you really want in a partner. We often make that mistake of jumping from one relationship to another before giving ourselves that well deserved breathing space to clear our head to move on in a positive light.


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