Tired of my husband and brother’s  childish behaviour
Hey Rosie!
April 17, 2020

Tired of my husband and brother’s childish behaviour

Hi Rosie,

I am so tired of my husband and and his younger brother. All they seem to want to do is hang out, drink, play pranks on their friends and just be annoying idiots.

Sometimes it’s as if he forgets he’s a husband and a father of 2! I have to call and check in on him to see if he’s coming home, where he is, etc. it’s very annoying to have to track your husband like this. Meanwhile his brother is free and single with zero responsibilities and still lives with their mom.

Rosie, even his mother is annoyed with them. She thinks that it’s about time that these two boys acted like men. But sometimes she covers for them too, so I don’t know what to think. I’m tired of the games.

How can I turn my husband from a boy to a man? Never mind the fact we’ve been married for 12 years and dated for three years before that. It just seems as though he is my third child.

Mother of Three

Dear Mother of Three,

This must be very annoying to have two grown men (one of whom is your hubby) acting like obnoxious teenagers. It must be very draining to deal with on a daily basis. You’re really going to have to put your foot down.

What does he say when you ask him to stop playing these games? Does he have a reasonable response? Or does he just blow you off?

I think that you will have to talk to him about the severity of this situation. The fact that you’re tired of these games, that he is married and his brother isn’t, that he has a family which takes top priority and he has to stop this childish behaviour now. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for his mum to witness this behaviour, from both of her sons as well. I know she is also disappointed.

Let him know that if both of you are not on the same page it will only become more difficult between both of you in your marriage. So maybe some counselling may be in order, this will help to create proper boundaries with his brother going forward.

Again, I do feel for you and I know it must be frustrating. Who needs two minor children and a major one as well? So I hope he will take heed to what your concerns are and make the necessary changes. Good luck.


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