My ex-boyfriend married one of my friends!
Hey Rosie!
February 14, 2020

My ex-boyfriend married one of my friends!

Dear Rosie,

I just found out that my loser ex-boyfriend has married one of my friends! She was not one of my close friends, but she and I would hang in the same circle. I came to understand that when I thought he was stepping out on me (I wasn’t sure then) it was with her! Rosie girl, I am pissed off! Also they got married two weekends ago and a couple of my other girlfriends went! Talk about a betrayal! Right now I just want to cut everyone off, because I don’t trust them. What should I do?


Dear Betrayed, Yes, I can see where you are coming from. This information must have thrown you off your axis. But let’s take a deep breath and put some things into perspective.

He’s your ex for a reason. His moving on is making space in your life for the right person to come into it. His new bride?

Your ex-buddy? Life has a way of “weeding” out people who were not there for you in the first place. Be grateful for that. The other ladies who attended the wedding without telling you have also revealed their hand as well. Be cautious around them or eliminate them.

The bottom line, you could write them a strong goodbye and good riddance letter. Have a good cry or scream, then burn that letter and move on fresh with your new life! Believe me, they have done you a great favour. Treasure the true friends you have around you, that is where your blessings lie.


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