My husband can’t hold down a job
Hey Rosie!
February 7, 2020

My husband can’t hold down a job

Hey Rosie,

I love my husband, but he doesn’t hold down a job for any length of time.

He comes up with excuses as to why he has to leave a position. The problem is that it makes me very anxious, because we can never gauge how our money is from cheque to cheque. Rosie, I have been in my position for over seven years and have been promoted a few times.

If it was not for my stable income we would be in trouble. My hubby doesn’t see it as an issue, but I am getting resentful.

We can’t save, we can’t go on trips and I don’t want kids, because I can’t depend on him to be responsible. Rosie, how can I explain to him that he has to settle down and stop going in and out of jobs like this? Sometimes it takes him a good 4-6 months to get another position, so you can understand my dilemma.

Help Me

Dear Help Me,

Wow! That must be quite taxing on your nerves! I can tell that you are at the end of your rope here as well.

Look, you are going to have to seek some outside counselling. He has shown this pattern over and

over again, with no intentions of changing, so bringing in some professional help seems necessary. Someone who will help lay a new foundation/path that is workable and agreeable to you both.

You love him and he knows it. You will also have to convey to him that you are growing very tired of his very irresponsible behaviour, which, by the way, is also putting your future in jeopardy. Hopefully he will respond accordingly and GET IT TOGETHER!

I wish you the best my friend, marriage can be rewarding, but it takes a lot of work too!


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