Hey Rosie!
January 17, 2020

My daughter says that her track coach is creepy

Hey Rosie,

MY 15-YEAR-OLD daughter says that her track coach is creepy. She said he makes inappropriate jokes, shows them very suggestive videos and likes to hug them and many of them, including my daughter, hates it!

The coach is very successful and has been contracted by the district for the last three years .

So I think many people turn a blind eye to his very offensive behaviours. I’ve spoken to three other mothers and they are all on the same page with me. We feel that we should make a formal complaint to the school district. We aren’t sure what we want, but we feel we have to protect our girls. What do you think?

Concerned mom

Dear concerned mom,

I agree with you 100 percent! This is a very delicate situation and must be addressed right away.

We have to be very diligent and protective when it comes to our children’s safety and wellbeing. Sometimes we try to convince ourselves that what we are witnessing isn’t “as bad” as we think.

However, this is when you have to listen to that inner voice that never steers you wrong, along with addressing your children’s concerns.

Maybe when you do go to the authorities, you can share your concerns and suggest that he gets some training in terms of appropriate and professional behaviour, in addition to procedures when dealing with his team. The girls should also be given training regarding sexual harassment and inappropriate scenarios they may find themselves in. Basically, this is a teachable moment for both parties and we can also empower our young people to speak up when they find themselves in these uncomfortable predicaments.

Let me also say, mommy, that you should be proud of your daughter for sharing her concerns with you. Open communication is always key when you are a parent. Good luck !


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