Hey Rosie!
December 20, 2019
My ex wants us to try again as a couple

Hey Rosie

My ex and I broke up 4 years ago, in fact we were divorced 4 years ago. It was horrible and tense leading up to our final separation. The children were unhappy and so were we. I can honestly say I couldn’t stand him. Fast forward to the present, we do a great job co parenting our three teenagers . We have our own lives etc.  

All of a sudden he’s walking down memory lane with me. How we should try again to be a couple. How good it was etc. How can I just stop this foolishness? He’s getting me mad!

No Flame

Hello No Flame,

I don’t blame you for feeling this way. Going down this path is not a good idea in my opinion.

I think he may be nostalgic and misses the family connection. However, he has forgotten how difficult it was and the struggle to keep a civil relationship going between both of you back then.

So without seeming too negative, remind him that you are both in better places now emotionally and you would like to keep up this ‘new normal’ as co-parents for your children’s sake. Remind him that is your top priority.

I wish you the best getting this message across to your ex.


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