Hey Rosie!
November 15, 2019
My husband is having an affair

Hey Rosie,

I’m so devastated right now, my husband of 12 years just confessed to me he has been having an affair for the last year or so and he is still involved with this woman. He was quick to let me know that he didn’t want to break up with me. But hear this, he is moving out to clear his head so he can make the best decision for all of us. Rosie, can you imagine this? He cheated on me, but needs the time to clear his head? Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide what to do to save my sanity.

I am so hurt and disrespected that I would like to quit this marriage! What do you think?


Dear Empty,

I am so sorry to hear this painful news! It’s like a double insult, first, he’s cheated and then he wants to decide what to do about your relationship? How ridiculous!

I know you have been married for 12 years and you’ve known him for longer that that. Do not hold yourself hostage, because he has chosen to leave to clear his head. You do what’s best for you, sit down and go over your feelings and what you would really like to do moving forward. If you need to walk away from him for a while, then do so. You have the power to do what’s best for you.

To be disrespected and betrayed like this is not easy. If you need to speak to someone on a professional level in order to clear your head, I will encourage you to pursue that. Always, it’s yourself first, always remember that .

Good luck my friend, you deserve to be respected and loved.