My daughter’s husband is easily the laziest  human being ever!
Hey Rosie!
November 1, 2019
My daughter’s husband is easily the laziest human being ever!

Hey Rosie,

My son-in-law is the laziest human being I know. He does nothing! My daughter has to do it all, cook, clean, shop, handle the finances, she even cuts the grass! All this “man“ does is go to work and sit infront of the tv and play his video games online.

I am so frustrated when I visit to see her running around with the kids and this fool just sitting there, like the third child, playing his game. How do I remain neutral, but get my daughter to give this man a swift kick into reality? I am not pleased, Rosie, my daughter deserves more.

Mad !

Dear Mad!

Well, I would be a little “hot” too! To see someone take advantage of your loved one truly would be very disturbing to reconcile.

Having said that, you are going to have to thread lightly. Yes, she is your daughter, but he is her husband and she has to handle her own business.

You can be there to give her advice, listen to her vent and even give her some physical relief – but the decision to create change in this relationship lies with HER. Hopefully, one day, she will stand up and put her foot down. She hasn’t gotten there yet it seems.

Take deep breaths and keep your distance, my friend, this is not your fight. His day will come soon enough.