Hey Rosie!
October 25, 2019
I am a lawyer, but my family disrespects my electrician husband

Hey Rosie,

I am a lawyer and my husband is an electrician. We get along GREAT, until our families decide to poke their noses into our business! We have been together for 16 years and married nine, and everyone likes to say to me that I could have done “better”. They would say demeaning things about my husband in front of him and it becomes awkward and makes me very angry and protective. How can I stop this from happening?  One would think that 16 years have gone by and we should be respected as a committed, loving and strong couple.


Dear Angry,

I would be very insulted myself if people in my family stepped over the line and continued to be disrespectful towards my husband.

I am sure that you’ve spoken to them and they can see with their own two eyes that your relationship has been and is working out just fine. So why bother? It’s about you and your hubby, not the naysayers.

I’m sorry, for those who are supportive and respectful I would continue to have a relationship with them and for those who are not, I would seriously limit my interaction – plain and simple. In this life we can’t please everyone and I’m here to say why try? Embrace your life and the positive people in it. Trying to cater towards people who continually make you unhappy, drained and disrespected is such a waste of time – even when it’s family.  

Continue to succeed together.