Hey Rosie!
October 4, 2019
Should I turn down a job offer to be with my family?

Hi Rosie,

My problem is that my girlfriend of four years is pregnant. This is our first child too. The deal is that I just got an opportunity to go away for a three-year assignment and I will not be here for my girlfriend and child. We are both upset and can’t believe that I wouldn’t be around to see my baby being born, much less seeing her grow up. Should I turn down this offer? It’s a great opportunity for future growth in this company and I can travel back twice a year.  

Help me, Rosie, this is tearing me apart.

Hello my friend,

This is a rough one indeed! Congrats on your job advancement and growth, you should be very proud of yourself.

Ok, you and your girlfriend need to sit down and hatch a plan about how you are going to co-parent from a distance. This is your upcoming reality and the sooner you can wrap your head around it the better off you will be.

Many couples have had similar challenges, so please know you can survive the next couple of years. The great thing is that we are in an era of FaceTime. So you and the baby can bond each day via technology. I would also like to suggest creating a travel schedule; when they can come to see you where you are and vice versa.

Also can I ask when are you going to make your girlfriend your wife? Maybe that can also change the status of your future living situation? I’m just curious. The bottom line is that you can work through this and even thrive as a unit. Where there is love there is hope. All the best to you and your growing family.


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